Over the years, Belding Tool has come to focus on several niche specialties, positioning us as the go to source for custom tooling, assemblies, fixtures and gages.

tube/pipe industry

Belding Tool has several years experience manufacturing tooling for the Tube and Pipe Industry.  We specialize in cut off jaws and shear blades as well as other tooling related to cutting, forming and welding tubes and pipes.

driveline industry

Belding Tool has several years experience manufacturing tooling for the Driveline Industry.  We have manufactured a wide variety of tooling for the driveline industry: holding fixtures, spline drivers, poke-yokes, drive shafts, and just about anything else that goes on automated machinery.

BTM Tooling Assembly.jpg

tooling assemblies

Belding Tool specializes in tooling assemblies with uses such as: assembly aides, part dispensers, feature gages, alignment tools


precision tooling

Belding Tool manufactures a wide variety of precision tooling ranging from simple 1 operation parts to complex multi-operation parts that have tightly held tolerances. 

BTM Fixtures.jpg


Belding Tool manufactures custom fixtures with a wide variety of uses: part holding, press fixtures, drill fixtures, weld fixtures



Belding Tool manufactures turn-key custom gages and gage masters complete with certification.

BTM Pallet.jpg

conveyor pallets

Belding Tool can manufacture your custom pallets for automated conveyor systems.

BTM Workstation.jpg


Belding Tool manufactures custom workstation with a wide variety of uses: part inspection, manual assembly, rework/teardown stations.


mro tooling

For manufacturers that have processes that often wear and break tooling, we offer MRO replacement tooling to keep your processes up and running at all times.