mro tooling / crib stock

BTM specializes in manufacturing MRO Tooling, spare tooling and crib stock. We typically beat OEM pricing and lead time without sacrificing quality. Typical parts range from individual tooling details to complex assemblies including: pallets, fixtures, poke yokes, assembly aides, etc.

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Individual details

Machine components in high volume production inevitably wear or break. We can make most details in house and regularly work with a variety of materials; tool steels, stainless, plastics, copper, brass and many more.


Tooling Assemblies and fixtures

Tooling assemblies and fixtures that are constantly used in production eventually start to wear. We can build replacement tooling assemblies and fixtures complete so that there is no down time while switching to the new tools.


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Above are a few examples of the different types of tooling that we product on a daily basis. We adjust our way of processing components based on our customers needs. If certain parts are replaced frequently, we put procedures and processes in place to ensure they are being made as efficiently as possible. We also have stocking agreements with some of our customers.

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